Our Approach


Market Analysis
Our dedicated NPD team keeps up to date with the latest technologies and trends through industry insights, trade events and market analysis. Tracking the size and growth rates of the markets keeps us a step ahead and enables us to identify gaps in the market and anticipate the requirements and expectations of our retail customers.


Relationships are key to our business. Over many years, our product development team have built strong relationships worldwide, ensuring we are the forefront of new the latest developments and proficient in sourcing products, ingredients and packaging anywhere in the world.

Packaging design

We are proud to have a dedicated in house graphic design department that specialises in packaging design, packaging graphics and product branding. It allows us to develop captivating packaging and branding for both our own brand and customers own branded products.


Factory Competencies

We have partnerships with quality manufacturing facilities in the UK, China, Bulgaria and Turkey. Each factory has different competencies which means we have access to a multitude of formulas, ingredients, bottles, tubes and packs.

Value engineering

We recognise that environment and energy issues are inextricably linked to commercial and business growth. As such, we employ best practice sustainable systems and processes to reduce the impact on the environment whilst having a positive impact on turnover, stock management and profitability.

Quality Standards

One of the hardest working departments within our business is our dedicated technical team. They are responsible for ensuring our factories are conforming to legislative, quality and ethical standards.  We have a broad selection of products that covers a diverse number of legal categories.  We have developed an excellent in house team that has the knowledge and skill to be able to effectively manage this portfolio of products and give the appropriate advice to customers as required.

All our production facilities are subject to unannounced audits and are checked on a regular basis to ensure standards are maintained.  We consistently monitor and review our supplier’s performance through the integration of ISO 9001:2008 across our entire business.


Full testing is carried on all products as appropriate.

Cosmetics must legally conform to Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009.  As such all our cosmetics are subjected to a full Cosmetic Product Safety Report.  This range of testing includes the full analysis of all the components, microbiological screening and shelf life testing, which helps us form a picture of the final product and ensures that all our products are safe and legal.

Medical devices are backed up by the full technical product information files.  This will include substantial information relating to the manufacture and quality systems that are in place for these products.  All medical devices will conform to the relevant standards ie ISO 13485: 2003 / EN ISO 13485:2012, Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices Annex IV.

All medicinal products are supplied by fully accredited and licenced manufacturers.  As a Technical Team we carry out substantial regular checks on all our licenced suppliers to ensure they are performing their legal duties and meeting the quality standard required.


Supply Chain Management

Product lifecycle management

We live in a world of changing consumer trends and the beauty industry demands continued innovation. From concept to the end of a products life, we track and monitor sales, costs and market developments.

Our product lifecycle management systems enable us to react quickly to market changes, reduce waste, improve forecasting and maximise efficiencies in terms of material and supply chain costs.

Warehousing capabilities

In an FMCG market we understand the importance of having products on the floor and available for immediate delivery. Our UK distribution centre is growing from 45,000 sq ft to 65,000 sq ft and accommodates over 240 product lines all available for next day delivery.

Our UK distribution centre is MHRA approved.

Worldwide dispatch and logistics

We want consumers to be able to get hold of our products wherever they are in the world. Our export business is growing and we are always looking for companies to sell Healthpoint products in other territories.

Through our award winning distribution centre, we can work with you for a mutually beneficial relationship.

On time delivery

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of our business. We pride ourselves on delivering the right products, when customers want them.

We work with customers to ensure products are delivered to their specifications and requirements. We strive for perfection and we’re getting close with over 99% of deliveries arriving on time.